The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand
The U-Stand

The U-Stand

You save 10% ($10.00)

Tired of your umbrella flying away? So are we! Be adventurous and take the U-Stand with you wherever you need a little bit of shade. Simply fill your stand with weight, insert any umbrella, and enjoy stress-free shade in winds of up to 40mph. The U-Stand is so versatile that you are able to use it anywhere. Whether its a trip to the beach, tailgating your favorite sports team, singing along to your favorite concert, or simply just relaxing in your backyard, the U-Stand provides SHADE ANYWHERE!

The U-Stand uses our patented technology that allows any umbrella to be easily and safely secured, protecting you from the sun. Tired of sandy drinks? The U-Stand comes with two removable lids that are equipped with four cup holders that can easily be removed when an umbrella is in place. Each unit comes with a shoulder strap for easy carry to and from your destination, and also a tightening screw that makes sure your umbrella won’t fly away.


  • 1 carrying strap
  • 2 strap clips
  • 1 Tightening Screw
  • 1 U-clip
  • 2 piece lid that includes 4 cup holders

Click here to learn how to set up your U-Stand. This product is made with UV protected plastic to ensure a durable build.


  • Beach trips
  • Backyard patio
  • Hanging out Pool and Lakeside
  • Favorite sports team tailgate
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Kids sporting events
  • Camping

With the U-Stand the possibilities are ENDLESS!

DISCLAIMER: When used correctly the U-Stand has been proven an effective way to reduce fly-away umbrellas. Use caution when winds are gusting and close your umbrella when the conditions are too strong. The U-Stand supports umbrellas with a dimension up to an 1” ½ . Umbrellas that have a sand screw will NOT work. IMPORTANT: Always fill your U-Stand completely with heavy weight (Sand, Water, Rocks).


Helps eliminate rouge umbrellas


Can withstand up to 40 mph winds!


Remarkably light weight, the stand only weighs 4 lbs

Easy to Use

Simply fill stand with ice for your favorite drinks or sand from your local beach, and let the stand do the rest

Hottest Product of the Summer

Tired of digging holes for your umbrella, only for it to go flying down the beach with one gust of wind? Don't worry, we got you covered.

Why Choose U-Stand?

Using our patented technology, we are the only brand with the ability to easily and effeciently secure any umbrella in any location. The days of vigorously trying to set your umbrella in the ground is over. With the U-Stand you are able to enjoy stree-free shade anywhere.

Where can you use the U-Stand?

  • Use it at the beach
  • Backyard
  • Outdoor Concert
  • Sporting Events
  • Lake

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